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Porsche Performance Roof Box

Porsche Summer Staycation - Roof Box Edition


The Porsche Performance Roof Box opens up a world of possibilities for your staycation. Opens on both sides and sports an anti-slip mat to keep your luggage secure.

Tailored to every model, the roof boxes from Porsche Tequipment enable you to experience every adventure whilst achieving maximum sporty performance and coping with everyday life.

Just like your Porsche, we make sure that our products are designed for performance. Roof boxes are more complex than many people think. That’s why we carry out accurate tests; braking safety, noise levels and fuel consumption are just some of the important points that we test in Weissach. However, we are mainly concerned with the ease of operation, after all, our roof boxes should quickly and securely meet all your transport requirements - allowing you more time for driving your Porsche.

You can quickly and easily find out whether our roof boxes are available for your Porsche using the  Porsche Tequipment accessories finder,  or simply contact us at info@porschedublin.ie  or call for more information.