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A Unique Look at Our State of the Art Porsche Centre


Welcome to Porsche Centre Dublin - the only Porsche Centre in the Republic of Ireland located at Charlestown, Exit 5 M50.

We would like to take you on a virtual tour of our state of the art facility, meet our friendly hostess, and take a tour of the showroom, in this stunning first person view drone (FPV) tour of our two story Porsche Centre. Our drone flight was carried out by Aerial Photography Ireland who have 18 years of experience, are the first company in the Republic of Ireland to offer FPV filming on a professional licensed level. This footage was taken using a small multi-rotor drone - which is a highly sophisticated, lightweight piece of equipment, weighing only 165 grams - allowing it to fly into tight spaces and manoeuvre in ways that other drones could not. More commonly know as Cinewhoops, these small agile Cinewhoops capture beautifully smooth footage by using specially designed software which acts as a stabilised camera gimbal which would be more commonly see on larger cinema drones, the end result is a stunning piece of aerial cinematography. 

Our drone tour takes in our split level showroom, letting our visitors know what to expect from a visit to our Centre and showcases our Porsche Classic Corner. Did you know, we are the only Porsche Classic Partner in the country and are very proud of our collection and the skill of our technicians for Classic restoration. We also have an incredible selection of Porsche Drivers Selection Accessories on the second floor - which would make the perfect gift for the Porsche fan in your life. 

Watch as our drone flies 360 degrees in our ultra-modern configuration room and zips through our Service Department, flying close to the ground and close to the action - giving us this incredible, behind the scenes, daredevil footage we are dleighted to share with you.

If you would like to book an appointment to visit our Centre, please contact us on  (01) 235 3375  or email info@porschedublin.ie .

To find out more about the production of our FPV Drone video - head across to: https://www.aerialphotographyireland.ie/ .