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The Porsche Design watch that started a design trend

A Measure of Time The Chronograph I


Did you know that Porsche Design delivered the first properly blacked-out watch? 

In 1972, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche designed the Chronograph I and started a design language that stood the test of time. This watch marked the beginning of Porsche Design. The Chronograph I  used an experimental process called PVD (physical vapor deposition) which allows a thin, hard layer of vaporised material to atomically bond to the material beneath. This was the first instance of such a process being applied to watches and it is still most commonplace method by which watches are given a professional black finish. 

F.A Porsche, the oldest of Ferry Porsche’s four sons, originally developed the idea. He was the first designer to take design principles from a car and apply them to a watch. This is precisely what he did for this model, which he named Chronograph I. In designing the watch, he was more interested in creating a high-precision instrument than a decorative accessory, which is why he looked to the 911’s instrument panel for inspiration. Features of the watch included a tachymeter for measuring speed, a matt black surface, with white numbers and a red second hand, making it clear and concise and easy to read in the most difficult of situations.

The watch was recently reissued to mark Porsche Design’s 50th Anniversary, demonstrating just how functional and timeless the design is. 

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