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Porsche Centre Dublin Art Exhibition


Guests joined us for an unforgettable celebration of the Porsche Taycan with renowned visual artist Shane O’Malley.

Shane’s practice is a meeting point between public murals and studio paintings, exploring themes of perception and selfhood through colour, form and symbolism. Back in September, Shane completed his latest work as he painted live outside the BOSS store using a rather startling ‘canvas’ – a Porsche Taycan.

It was all in celebration of 75 Years of Porsche, and the resulting vehicle, along with other artworks from Shane’s impressive collection, was on display at Porsche Centre Dublin in a gallery-style exhibition on Thursday 26 October.

Complimentary drinks and canapés was served and to make things even more thrillingly colourful, guests received a signed piece of Taycan Art to bring home.

For more information, contact Porsche Centre Dublin at (01) 235 3375 or info@porschedublin.ie