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A Night of Elegance: Porsche Centre Dublin and Weirs & Sons Jewellers Host Exclusive Collaboration Event

We had a very special evening lined up for our guests, showcasing not only the incredible 911 (992) GT3 with the Manthey Performance Kit, but also a selection of fine jewellery and watches as we collaborate with Dublin's premier jewellers, Weir & Sons.

In a celebration of luxury and sophistication, Porsche Centre Dublin recently joined forces with Weirs & Sons Jewellers for a collaborative event that brought together automotive enthusiasts and connoisseurs of fine craftsmanship. While the event was an exclusive affair, featuring a two-star Michelin chef, live saxophone performance by Daddy Sax, and a curated playlist by a top DJ, we understand that some enthusiasts might have missed out on this exceptional evening.

The Power of Collaboration: Porsche x Weirs & Sons

The collaboration between Porsche Centre Dublin and Weirs & Sons Jewellers aimed to fuse the worlds of high-performance automotive excellence and timeless elegance in a unique and memorable experience. The event provided a platform to showcase the craftsmanship and precision synonymous with both Porsche and Weirs & Sons.

Exclusivity: The Guest List

The decision to keep the event exclusive was intentional, with a carefully curated guest list that included Porsche enthusiasts, esteemed clientele of Weirs & Sons, and individuals who appreciate the artistry of both brands. The goal was to create an intimate setting where guests could immerse themselves in an atmosphere of luxury, surrounded by like-minded individuals.

A Culinary Extravaganza with Chef Jordan Bailey

The highlight of the evening was the culinary prowess of two-star Michelin chef Jordan Bailey, who crafted a menu that blended innovation and classic flavors. The collaboration with such a distinguished chef added an extra layer of exclusivity to the event, elevating the overall experience for attendees.

Saxophonic Bliss and Beats by the DJ

The event was further heightened by the soulful saxophone tunes of Daddy Sax, creating an ambiance that resonated with elegance. The carefully curated playlist by the DJ ensured that the evening unfolded with a perfect harmony of beats, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

Acknowledging the Enthusiast Community

While we are overjoyed with the success of this collaboration, we also understand that not everyone had the opportunity to attend. We want to express our sincere appreciation to the broader Porsche community and enthusiasts who continue to support and inspire us. Rest assured, as we look ahead, we are committed to bringing more opportunities for engagement and connection.

What's Next?

As the echoes of this exclusive event linger, Porsche Centre Dublin and Weirs & Sons Jewellers are already planning more events and collaborations that will extend the invitation to a broader audience. Stay tuned for future announcements and opportunities to be part of the Porsche lifestyle.

In the spirit of unity and shared passion, we thank you for your ongoing support, and we look forward to welcoming all enthusiasts to future endeavors that celebrate the extraordinary world of Porsche.

With Gratitude and Excitement for What Lies Ahead,

Porsche Centre Dublin Team.

For more information, contact Porsche Centre Dublin at  (01) 235 3375  or  info@porschedublin.ie