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Porsche X Boss at Kildare Village


Porsche Centre Dublin invited guests to join us in the luxurious Kildare Village to celebrate 75 years of Porsche and the arrival of the Porsche X BOSS Collection on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September.

Guests joined us to peruse the Porsche X BOSS collection, take a Taycan Test Drive and had a look at our custom 75 Year Anniversary inspired Art Car, completed by Shane O' Malley, which for a short time will be located outside of the BOSS Store.

Colour is an expression of personality and creativity, bringing unique vibrancy to the world around us. In the spirit of our 75 Year Anniversary, BOSS Kildare Village have updated their storefront to match our 75 Year Anniversary livery - using the most iconic Porsche colours of all time.

In the interest of adding even MORE colour to the world, we were joined by Irish visual artist Shane O' Malley outside the BOSS store on Saturday 23 September as he explored shape, form and symbol on his latest piece, an explosion of colour on a truly unique canvas, The Porsche Taycan.

Shane O’Malley

Shane is a visual artist. His practice is a meeting point between public murals and studio paintings that explore themes of perception and selfhood through colour, form

Shane O' Malley Instagram: shaneomalleyart

For more information, contact Porsche Centre Dublin at   (01) 235 3375   or   info@porschedublin.ie